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Top 3 Best Budgeting Apps

Today, in this article we discuss about top 3 best budgeting apps. You can find an application for almost anything, including budgeting! With free and subscription-based budgeting tools, the choice is virtually endless. As newer tools and apps come up all the time, others shut down—leaving users hunting for a new tool to keep track of their spending, evaluate their finances, and manage their budget. Popularly known, the budgeting app called Mint recently shut down. If you happen to have been a loyal user of the app or maybe looking at some of the best budget apps for 2024, we share with you some of our favourites.

Just like everything else in this world, the world of budgeting apps keeps on changing. Some of them are emerging, while others are closing down. The latest among these is Mint, which has caused its users to find a different alternative. So to help you in the ever-changing world of budgeting apps in 2024, we have made up a list of our top favourites. These are the best apps designed to help track your spending, evaluate your finances, and manage your budget more effectively. Whether you are a loyal Mint user or just searching for the best budgeting app this year, these recommendations will help you. We will be listing a few popular apps in the market and listing their major features and costs to help you find the best fit for your financial life.

Rocket Money

Cost: $0 – $12 monthly

Features: Budgeting, Saving, Subscription Management, Credit Monitoring, and more.

Rocket Money allows you to automatically monitor spending, set up categories to separate transactions, and get notifications about transactions or balances— along with other things. The key call-outs for the application include:

Subscriptions that are recurring and/or duplicates of the subscriptions
Rocket Money has been designed in such a manner that it identifies, alerts, and manages subscriptions on your behalf. With such a feature, you are able to see exactly where your money goes and are at a risk of having paid a higher amount than you had been advised. Rocket Money also allows you to cancel any unwanted or unused subscriptions directly in the app, thus making you be able to manage your money more effectively.

-Rocket Money helps to identify recurring and duplicates of subscriptions.
-It helps to alert you on your subscriptions and helps you manage them.
-It helps you track where your money is going.
-It can make you pay more for subscriptions than you think.
-You can cancel unwanted or unused subscriptions directly in the app.
-It helps you manage your money more effectively.

Credit Score Monitoring

Rocket Money includes the credit score monitoring facility— that provides you the availability of your credit score, the checking of your credit history, and the monitoring of events that affect your score.

Rocket Money comes loaded with a set of features, which are designed to help you manage your finances effectively. It includes the option of automatically monitoring your spending and the facility of setting up categories that separate transactions. Additional facilities that come loaded with it are the facility of receiving notifications regarding transactions or balances, which ensures that you are always up to date regarding your financial activities. A useful feature is to be able to identify the recurring and duplicates of the subscriptions, which helps you stay on track regarding where your money is being diverted. You can also cancel unwanted or unused subscriptions directly in the app. Finally, Rocket Money comes with the facility of credit score monitoring, where you get to see your credit score, your credit history, and you stay updated on the events which are bound to impact your score.

Auto Save Feature

In addition, the application automatically saves you at a time that is suggested to automate your draft of money into a savings account and a transfer out automatically—again, of course, to help you save consistently and take it out of your to-do list!

Something amazing is that Rocket Money has a smart Auto Save feature, which removes saving hassle. It suggests the best time to transfer funds automatically from your checking account into a savings account, with the help of which you can save without any effort. This will make saving a part of your financial routine, free of any hassles that might slow down other important things.

When you decide to check out Rocket Money as a personal finances budgeting tool, note that some of the features are available only in their Premium account suite attached to the price tag! Take a closer look at the tool and establish if you are served by the free version.

- Rocket Money offers personal finance budgeting tools. 
- Some features are only available in the Premium account suite.
- Evaluate if the free version meets your needs.


Simplifi is a budgeting app from Quicken that aims to simplify your finances. It offers features like a Cross Account Dashboard, goal setting, investment tracking, and more.

Cost: $3.99 per month

Features: Cross Account Dashboard, Goal Setting, Investment Tracking, and more.

Simplifi is a budgeting app from Quicken— while Quicken boasts an arsenal of budgeting tools, Simplifi is their app that aims to make your finances… well, simple! Some notable features are:

Cross Account Dashboard

This shows up in their dashboard, which shows your transactions grouped by category, including transportation, shopping, and more.

Investment Tracking

The Investment page features a page that focuses on tracking investment accounts. It displays balances, price changes, and even net worth. While not their primary focus, it is beneficial to have all of your financial information under one roof!

It should be noted that Simplifi is the only paid app listed in this article so if you are looking for a free budgeting tool, then it will not be the best option for you. However, out of all the apps listed that are paid, this is the cheapest option, so it may be worth looking into based on your individual financial needs. Be sure to check out more information about the app to see if it is the best option for you!

-Investment page tracks investment accounts and displays balances, price changes, and net worth.

-Simplifi is the only paid app mentioned in the article.

– If you want a free budgeting tool, Simplifi is not the best option.

– Among the paid apps, Simplifi is the cheapest.

– Consider individual financial needs before deciding if Simplifi is the best option.

Good Budget

The Good budget app is a popular choice for budgeting and expense tracking. It allows you to set up virtual envelopes for different spending categories and manage your budget effectively.

Cost: $0 – $8 per month

Features: Envelope Budgeting System, budget syncing, planned payment reminders, and more.

Good budget tries to provide a modern take on the traditional envelope method in which you allocate a certain amount of money to envelopes which are dedicated to specific categories. Some notable features include:

Syncing & Sharing Budgets

Good budget allows you to sync and share budgets with people in your household. That way, people you want to keep on the same page financially can see the same envelopes and details about the money allocated within each envelope. This can be really great for those who share finances with a spouse or anyone else!

Debt + Expense Tracking

Good budget has a Debt Account feature that will allow you not only to track the progress you make as you pay down debt but also will allow you to estimate your payoff date and look forward to being debt free. At the same time, Good budget allows you to track your expenses and gives you the ability to plan ahead as you save for
If you do decide to go see Good budget as a tool for your finances, do be aware that this app also comes in both free and paid versions. With a subscription, you will have access to more features than the free version, but it does also cost a monthly or annual fee. Be sure to do more research into the app so that you can determine whether or not it is right for your financial journey!

- Good budget offers Debt + Expense Tracking 
- Track your progress in paying down debt
- Estimate payoff date and aim for debt-free status
- Track expenses and plan ahead for savings
- Good budget has both free and paid versions
- Subscribing gives access to additional features
- Consider researching the app to decide if it suits your financial needs.

As you look into tools and resources to support you on your journey, just remember it’s not a one-size-fits-all. You may look at an app and find that it doesn’t quite meet your need and you may look at another that fits all of your wants and needs. The same thing applies to the budgeting tool that works for your friend or family member may not work for you! It’s a journey, and as you look into the resources that are available to you, remember we’re walking alongside you in your journey.

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